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More than 40 years ago PTL began its activity, in the Po valley, a territory where the main activities were those of agriculture and biomedical devices. Such companies needed partners able to understand their necessities and realize their projects in order to conform the productive processes to the latest rules and the always more demanding market requests.

The small artisan firms of these territories were the right answer to such industries requirements by offering their creativity and adaptability with the flexibility of the staff.

40 year ago Mr. Luigi Mai gave birth to its premise, a small blacksmith located in Mirandola, naming it PTL.

It is meaningless to tell here and now the changes and evolution we have been through during all the past years, while the most important information is the awareness of who we are and what we create.

At present time PTL develops on a productive site of 10.000 sm, 60 specialized operators, a design and engineering department and it is equipped by highly technological tools with the aim to keep on offering its customers the best co-operation service in projecting and realizing a top-of-range product.

Constant investment and research in new products and raw materials are the basis for a continuous growth and development.

The strengh points are:

  • TECHNOLOGY (technological machineries, high technology implementation to activities)
  • COMPLEXITY OF PROCESSES TAKEN OUT (fine processes and skilles in different sectors)
  • SPECIALIZATION (Selective market niches and high added value).

During the years production systems and machineries have changed, but today like yesterday, PTL propose as one of the principal companies availing of craftsman precision and industrial organization, able to give a solution to any request including the use of steel and iron.

Luigi, together with Donatella, still lead the company today and during the last years the second generation of Mai’s family, Francesco and Chiara, joined the company.