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  • 2D and 3D Department employing 8 operators
  • Cutting department: 2 Mazak Ipertubo X510 laser cutting stations, max thickness 180mm for steel and 200mm for iron
  • Cutting department: 3D laser station and Mazak tubular cut station
  • Sheet cutting department: 2 C.N. stations
  • Bending department: 3 bending machineries by rolls, 1 profile shaping machinery, 1 automatic circumference welding machinery
  • Tubes and bars cutting departments including 1 automatic and 1 semi-automatic circular saw
  • 2 overhead travelling cranes 5 and 10 tons load
  • 24 assembly station, each one including 1 TIG and MIG weldind tools, jib cranes with articulated arms and equipped work-bench
  • Steel finishing department equipped by automatic shot-peening machinery by 1800mm x 1300 mm h table capability and satin finishing
  • Cabin provided sandblasting machinery 1400x1400mm for a perfect stainless steel finishing
  • Pickling department for stainless steel provided by a 1500×2000 tank
  • Stainless steel electropolishing department
  • Testing department coordinated by specialized personnel equipped by state-of-the-art measuring instruments
  • Packing and shipping department


Digital and Robotic Upgrading of PTL Production Processes

PTL S.r.l., in a logic of upgrading the existing Intelligent Factory 4.0 system, has invested in the purchase of a Cobot robot for easy arc welding with the FRONIUS TPSi 400 system, two ‘intelligent revolution’ synergic-pulsed inverter MIG welding systems, a new data processing centre, and an extension of the MRP and MES management system with related hardware components.


Pressa Schiavi
Pressa Schiavi
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Laser piano 4000W
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Laser Mazak
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